The PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) will actively promote the capture, printing, sharing, and storing of photographic images by providing

  • Comprehensive information and timely advice about imaging products and technologies through events, media, and online activities
  • A forum for its members to foster new ideas to support of the future of the imaging industry
  • Promoting the art of photography through photographic products to end-customers.The PMDA will conduct its affairs while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the industry.

Program Objectives:

The fundamental purpose of the Association is to promote, foster and advance the growth of the photographic/imaging industry by:

  1. Promoting a better understanding, education and leadership of the future, current and historical value of the photographic/imaging industry (45% importance/effort) (PMDA /industry, retailers, end-customer)
  2. Promoting the art of photography through photographic products of the imaging industry to the end-customer (30% importance/effort)
  3. Promoting communication and networking among members for the advancement of the industry (25% importance/effort)

PMDA seeks to promote imaging, to involve member companies in charting our industry’s future and to gain perspective on technologies and business methods that will enhance our members’ standing in the marketplace.

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