Winter Photography Tips: How to keep your camera gear (and you) running smoothly when the weather outside is frightful

By Tracy Greene –

Here are some winter photo tips to help you make the best photos in and out of the snow…

When fall fades away and the cool winter air moves in, there are different things to think about to keep you shooting. Here are some winter photo tips to help you make the best photos in and out of the snow.

Keep your camera cold

Most cameras and batteries will perform well in temperatures that you and your family can endure comfortably in winter. Once the temperature gets unbearable for you, it’s probably going to get tough on your gear as well. If you’re suited up for the bitter cold though, here are a few things to look out for where your gear is concerned.

 Mechanical problems with your LCD displays or battery failure will probably be the first things you might notice. The exact temperature where problems might occur depends on the design of the equipment. You’ll probably show signs of failure before your gear.

 Although it may be tempting, putting your camera under your jacket can actually cause condensation and you won’t be able to take any photos until it dries. It is also a lot easier to brush snow off of a cold camera. If the camera is warm, the snow will melt and become a wet mess.

 Avoid going from a cold environment to a warm environment and back again. This will also cause condensation. Keeping your car cold when you drive from place to place will help the camera stay at the outside ambient temperature and keep you shooting.

 When you do come back indoors, be sure you warm your camera slowly. If you’ve worn glasses and gone from the cold outdoors to the warm indoors you’ve experienced condensation. Ths is exactly what happens to your lens and renders your camera useless until it clears. Try leaving your gear in your camera bag for a while and that will help it slowly acclimate…..

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