Photoshop Tip Of The Month: How To Create Your Own Mist and Fog

©Russ Burden

By Russ Burden –

Learn to add fog and mist to your photographs to enhance the mood even if it wasn’t there when you took the picture

Fog and mist add mood to an image. Both occur in calm weather conditions so it provides a tranquil and peaceful feeling. It’s more of an early morning weather phenomena and can appear if it’s sunny or overcast. Sunny conditions are often preferred as it adds the drama of backlighting. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always extend her graciousness and bestow the early rising photographer the effect. Thankfully, there’s a Photoshop work around to simulate the look of fog and mist. It’s found in the Filter>Render>Clouds menu and takes advantage of a layer mask to paint in the mist where it’s desired. If you are of the same mindset and like the mood fog creates, apply the steps in this tutorial to some of your images to impart the feel.

 It’s important to pick a photo where the effect will look believable. Simply applying the technique to just any photo will not provide the proper mood. Choose a scene that could have potential fog or mist. Choose a photo where the light could have been right to accommodate fog. Choose a subject where it makes sense to add the effect. Experiment with a number of images until you find one that works. Don’t be afraid to hit the delete button if it doesn’t. I’ve gone through many rejects to come up with the ones I’ve kept….

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