Waterproof Camera Reviews For 2011

By Jason Schneider – TakeGreatPictures.com

You can’t dunk a DSLR and you might not want to expose your interchangeable-lens camera to the windswept sands at the beach or risk dropping it in the drink on a whitewater canoe trip. That’s why this is the season when many active lifestyle consumers are taking a close look at the latest crop of well-sealed, waterproof cameras detailed below. In addition to be being weatherproof and submersible, many of these perky looking beauties are rugged enough to withstand the occasional knock and bang and keep on clicking, and some are officially certified as freeze-proof, shock proof, and dust proof. They’re the perfect complement to a DSLR, interchangeable-lens compact or ultra-zoom camera, and they serve serious enthusiasts as a reliable go-anywhere backup, and to outdoor and sports enthusiasts as a standup alternative to plain vanilla point-and-shoots. Do you plan to entrust the family camera to the tender mercies of a devil-may-care teenager or a five-year-old boy. If the answer is yes, take a close look at the cameras listed below.

 When it comes to marketing tough, waterproof digital point-and-shoot cameras, Olympus really put the category on the top-seller map with the highly successful Stylus Tough series, closely followed by Pentax with the Optio W series, now in its twelfth generation. Over the last few years virtually everybody who’s anybody has jumped into the weatherproof/waterproof “adventure camera” fray to contest this profitable and expanding category. The household names include Fujifilm, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Kodak, and G.E. Today’s rugged waterproof cameras are hardly the chunky, clunky designs of yore. Most of them feature distinctively cool-looking styling and many are slim enough to slide into a trousers pocket, and weigh only a tad more than their thinnest landlubber counterparts.

 Express your lifestyle

Swimsuit Cameras are the crossover SUVs of the camera universe. They may not spend all that much time off the road or on the beach, but they sure do capture and project the active lifestyle image. That alone may be just as important as their sterling virtues in withstanding the elements. The fact that most of them come in several delicious colors is another big plus for folks that are fashion-conscious, female, young, or just young at heart….

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