PMDA Portraits of Love Project sent over 1,000 Photos to Soldiers

PMDA Portraits of Love Inspires Holiday Cheer for
Military Families

l ©Nathan Johns

The holidays can be a particularly difficult time of the year for military families who have loved ones deployed overseas. During a season when families gather together to share festive meals or excitedly exchange presents, military families find one seat empty at the dinner table or one gift left unwrapped. It’s a physical and, for many, a painful reminder of the great sacrifices our military and their families make each day. For the past two years, the Portraits of Love project has worked to provide military personnel with a small reminder of home during the holiday season, while giving their families one more way to show their love and appreciation. Portraits of Love supplies free family portraits that can help lift up members of the military in ways that only photography can accomplish, and sustain them through the hardest weeks on the calendar.

Families participating in this project were able to schedule a free portrait session at their local JCPenney Portraits locations or independent photography studios to receive a free portrait sheet …..